The company Pelet grupa d.o.o. was founded with the sole purpose of developing and constructing plants for the production of energy from renewable sources (RES). We have constructed a biomass cogeneration plant with a power of 1MW, a photovoltaic power station with a power of 2MW, a pellet production plant with a capacity of 8 t/h and a wood briquette plant with a capacity of 2 t/h. The company also has a storage capacity of 5,500m2.

The plant is located at the southern entrance to the city of Novska (Bročice), Svetog Mihovila 62. The total area of land on which all our facilities are located is 65.000 m2. The plant is located 800 metres from the entrance to the highway Zagreb – Lipovac and 500 metres from the railway station of Novska, thus ensuring the easy transport of pellets.


Cogeneration or combined heat and power (CHP) indicates the simultaneous production of electrical energy and useful thermal energy, using the thermal energy deriving from the biomass combustion process. Cogeneration is a highly efficient technology proven in practice, which stands out particularly for its rational use of energy from fuels, reduction of CO2 emissions and a high degree of fuel efficiency up to 85%.

The heat produced during the biomass combustion process is used in our plant for drying wood chips intended for the production of pellets, therefore the plant achieves the combined efficiency of 82%, satisfying the most stringent community provisions that require efficiency of 70%. State-of-the-art technology and equipment of the most renowned manufacturers ensure safe and efficient operation, observing all safety and environmental regulations. If you want to know more about environmental technologies, visit the equipment manufacturer's website and consult the environmental impact assessment.


Using the wood exclusively from Croatian forests, we contribute directly to the job creation in the forestry sector of the area and we also reduce the need for transportation. Pelet Grupa d.o.o. has signed a contract with the company Hrvatske šume d.o.o. relating to the supply of wood, therefore we guarantee that our pellets are made from high quality Croatian wood, and not from an imported timber of questionable quality. It should also be noted that the annual increment in Croatian forests amounts to 10.5 million m3 of timber and 5.8 million m3 is felled annually.


The city of Novska is located in the Western Slavonia region, within the Sisak-Moslavina county. It makes the natural connection between the Slavonian mountains and the Posavina plain. Novska is an open city that attracts new business and social initiatives, it is pleasant to live in, environmentally friendly and eco-sustainable. Novska is a city with developed municipal infrastructure and it’s located in a significant geographical position with good road and railway connections. It follows the development of traditional entrepreneurship as well as the development of education and current technologies.

The mission of the city of Novska is reflected in the implementation of the city’s economic development strategy, performance of functions and duties in the field of social activities, public utility services, environmental protection, urban planning and other affairs assigned by law, in an effective, timely and quality manner.

COMPANY NAME: PELET GRUPA d.o.o. za proizvodnju i usluge
HEADQUARTERS: Vlaška 9, 10 000 Zagreb
COMPANY’S REGISTRATION NUMBER (MBS): 080632586 Commercial Court in Zagreb
SHARE CAPITAL: HRK 4.520.000,00 fully paid up
DIRECTOR: Toni Primorac

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